scores -- complete


[March] uwu hive for saxophone quartet

[February] i can pull you outwards, towards the outside for open instrumentation. ~24'~. score audio.

[January] triptych worm poetry for solo flute ~3'30"~. score

i. watery-lifelonging force
ii. heavenly crydance-ghostgods
iii. <Basilisk[entropy(ash...)]>


[December] zone eye for cello and fixed media . ~ ' "~. score audio

Unheard there, you are seen by the zone eye

[May] 66.6 miles for piano trio ~4'30"~. score audio soundcloud


for violin, cello, and piano
performed by the Mojave Trio
violin: Sara Parkins
cello: Maggie Parkins
piano: Genevieve Feiwen Lee

[June] sheltered wind for soprano and bassoon ~7'~. score

and i will never be satisfied, and i have had enough

[February] Opals for solo piano


[December] Reaching for solo piano

[December] Reflection Ember piano sonata

[June] Run to Something for solo piano

[June] Breathing for acoustic guitar

[May] Dark Blurry Space for string quartet

[March] Distance for solo piano


[Sept] In Name Only for solo cello